What is Northern Plains Games

Northern Plains Games is a Video Game Design Studio with a focus on making games in the Lakota language that explore the culture and history of the Lakota pepole.  Our first game Tipi builder focuses on the process of constructing a Lakota home called a Tipi, the mobile structure that allowed the Lakota to follow the buffalo herds for hundreds of miles every year constantly on the move.

Northern Plains Games was founded by Carl Petersen in 2018, Carl is a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, and descended from the Oohe Numpa band of Lakota. A Game Designer, Programer, Writer, and Lakota Translator he created the prototype for Tipi Builder as project for a programing class at Dakota State University in 2017 since then the game has won several awards.

  • Billy Mills Running Strong for American Indian Youth Dream Starter Grant - $10,000
  • Four Bands Community Fund Youth Grant  
  • All Fools Game Fair best Indie Game Commendation